Tuesday, 28 February 2012

My sporting allegiances

As a sports blogger I think it’s only fair that I share my sporting allegiances with my readers. I’d like to think that I’m impartial in my sporting analysis, but I’ve no doubt I will be accused of bias at times. Anyway, here are where my allegiances lie in football, AFL & tennis.


Norwich City are my hometown team, although from an early age I followed Nottingham Forest, so I count both of them as my teams. I’m not a particularly dedicated fan of either team, but have stuck with them through numerous relegations and promotions and will continue to do so.

Out of the bigger teams in the Premiership I have a slight preference for Manchester United, having lived in the city during my university years and worked at Old Trafford on match days. I’ve had a (possibly irrational) hatred of Arsenal for longer than I care to remember, and am not embarrassed to admit that their defeats give me a perverse pleasure.


Since being introduced to the AFL in 2006 I’ve been a St Kilda fan, and consider them a not insignificant part of my life. I attend every match they play in Melbourne, regularly go to club functions, and have also been to interstate matches.

Collingwood were my least favourite team before arriving in Australia, and after experiencing the ‘Magpie Army’ first hand on numerous occasions my hatred for them has only increased.


Andy Murray’s shot making and dry sense of humour have warmed me to him over the years, after initially only supporting him in hope that he’d break Britain’s long wait for a male Grand Slam champion. I love Rafael Nadal’s never-say-die attitude and the fact that he plays every point as if it’s his last. I also like the fact that he’s ever humble in both victory & defeat and will always give credit to his opponents when they outplay him.

Despite the brilliance of his shot-making & all-round play, there’s an air of arrogance about Federer which has made me never able to warm to him. As for Djokovic, I can appreciate his sustained excellence, but his play rarely excites me.


  1. hey evan. nice blog. hope you get lots of traffic to it as you have a nice style of writing. i've got a similar tennis blogthing going on: http://inferiorpotassium.blogspot.com/ i'm a huge del potro fan, so as long as him & murray win something i am usually happy. cheers chrissie

  2. What a detailed breakdown of your sports fandom, Evan. Interesting that you like Nadal over Federer. I think I'm the other way around. I like the fact that Federer never seems to lose his cool. And Nadal's weird rituals (like the turning the lid on his bottle three times exactly) weird me out a little.