Friday, 13 April 2012

(L is for...) Live blog: AFL Round 3: Carlton vs Collingwood

After round 1 of the AFL 2012 season I asked the question, "Are Carlton the real deal?" Well tonight we may get the answer as two of the AFL's biggest rivals, Carlton & Collingwood, face off at the MCG. As opposed to doing a full match preview, I'm just going to ask a few key questions to start with. I'll then be running a live blog from the game, giving my thoughts from the MCG. Feel free to join in with your comments below!

Will the Pies defence stand up?

Collingwood were the hardest team to score against in the AFl last season, but conceded 135 points against Hawthorn in round 1 of this season. Carlton have the capacity to pile on goals quickly, so the Pies defence will have to be at the top of their game tonight.

Can the Blues win the midfield battle?

This clash pits two of the best midfields in the competition together, with Judd, Murphy, Pendlebury & Swan all sure to play their part. It's likely to be a tight, hard game, so expect lots of stoppages. Whichever team emerges with the ball most often will have taken a big step towards victory.

Will Travis Cloke kick straight?

Despite welcoming back key defender Michael Jamison, Carlton's defence is still relatively inexperienced, and I expect Cloke to see plenty of ball in and around the 50 metre arc. Whether he can convert his chances remains the big question, with his set shots still hit & miss.

My prediction

I still think the Pies are the team to beat in the AFL, and expect them to prove that to the rest of the competition tonight. Pendlebury is almost unplayable at the moment, and I struggle to see how the Blues will keep him quiet.

Collingwood by 16


  1. I've taken my seat in the crowd, and there's a definite buzz around the stadium. Whether the attendance tops 90k will depend on the MCC members, with the rest of the stadium likely to be at capacity.

  2. Scotland & Judd have been having their own way in the middle, with Carazzo doing an excellent job on Pendlebury. Blues on a roll; 43-13 approaching quarter time.

  3. Collingwood have slowed the game right up, and have wrestled back some sort of control. They've kicked the last 4; 47-38 to Carlton halfway through the second.

  4. The Blues finished the half strongly, kicking the last 2 goals. However they will think they should be more than 22 points up (61-39), having clearly dominated the clearances.

    Reid was subbed off with a hamstring injury, and with Ball also suffering with a knock to his knee the Pies might struggle to run out the game. Whilst the game's not yet over, it could be within 15 minutes of the restart.

  5. The Blues have stretched their lead out to 35 points, and it's hard to see any way back for the Pies. Whilst Carlton midfield have been great, much credit should also go to their rucks - Kreuzer & Hampton - who have had it all their own way.

  6. The Blues dominance is finally showing on the scoreboard - they've reached the ton before Collingwood have 50 points! It's all one way at the moment. Has the balance of power shifted in Melbourne?

  7. The game has unsurprisingly peetered out in the final quarter, with all intensity gone from the game. Big games lie ahead for both teams, with neither wanting to suffer an unnecessary injury at this late stage.

  8. Final score: Carlton 18.14.122 Collingwood 9.8.62

    3 votes - Marc Murphy
    2 votes - Chris Judd
    1 vote - Matthew Kreuzer

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